Sandy blows in more traffic for ports

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Charleston may see a larger cruise crowd than normal this weekend, thanks to Hurricane Sandy.

Officials with The South Carolina Ports Authority say they are getting questions from cruise lines for storm-diversion ports of call due to Hurricane Sandy's path in the Caribbean.

"It has always been the Ports Authority's policy to grant safe harbor to vessels - both cargo and passenger - requesting space at the dock due to inclement weather and in the consideration of the safety of the crew and passengers on board," they said in a statement Thursday.

Ports authority officials say there is a possibility that two cruise vessels may be in port due to storm diversion on Friday, October 26, though details are not yet available.

Ports authority officials said Thursday that, based on current information, there are no planned storm-diversion cruse calls planned in Charleston.

The next ship scheduled to visit Charleston is the Carnival Fantasy Oct. 27.