SC gas prices up 5 cents over last week

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WCIV) -- Gas prices continue to climb in South Carolina as summer draws closer. Average prices rose 5 cents per gallon to an average of $3.32 on Sunday, according to

The gas price tracking website says the national average only rose 1.3 cents per gallon to an average price of $3.55.{}

"Gasoline prices have seen an ever soslight increase in the last week across a good portion of the nation, which iscertainly good news for spring break travelers," said SeniorPetroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan.{}

Including the change in gas prices in South Carolinaduring the past week, prices yesterday were 1.7 cents per gallon lower than thesame day one year ago and are 15.7 cents per gallon higher than a month ago. Thenational average has increased 7.4 cents per gallon during the last month andstands 3.1 cents per gallon lower than this day one year ago.{}

"For those who may be headed to California,they may be greeted with rising prices to the tune of 10-20 cents per gallonover the next two weeks. For much of the rest of the country, including Floridadestinations, prices shouldn't be holding many back from hitting the road. Thisspring has seen very little volatility so far, and if it remains that way, Imay have to revise downward my forecast for gas prices for the rest of Apriland May, which my wallet would certainly love," DeHaan said.

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