Stavrinakis, Merrill start push for shoreside power at cruise terminal

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- State Reps. Leon Stavrinakis and Jim Merrill kicked off on Friday their effort to fund a shoreside terminal port at Charleston's cruise terminal.

The shoreside power system would allow cruise ships to be powered while reducing emissions.{}

"Weare proud to announce this bipartisan effort that welcomes business and tourismgrowth to our area while simultaneously improving our local air quality,"said. State Rep. Jim Merrill (R-Charleston). "This just goes to show thatpreserving our environment in Charleston does not have to come at the expenseof economic growth. That is what makes our area so special."

If the measure is funded, the Charleston cruise terminal would be the only terminal in South Carolina with shoreside power.{}

"Bringingshoreside power to our cruise terminal would be a game changer for bothCharleston and the entire state," said state Rep. Leon Stavrinakis(D-Charleston). "With this new technology, Charleston will be a nationalleader in both economic growth and environmental innovation. Shoreside powerwill ultimately bring more tourism dollars to Charleston while cleaning up ourair at the same time. It's a win-win for everyone involved."{}

The budget item wouldauthorize the state to spend up to $5 million on the effort.

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