Report: Students charged after wrestling cops on school bus

North Charleston police responded to a school bus on Remount Road Thursday after the driver called to say students were being disruptive.

The incident happened just before 4 p.m. near Dobson Street. The bus had just left North Charleston High School.

The bus driver told police that four black male students were "jumping seats, assaulting one another, pulling each other's pants down, and had even approached her while she was driving, cursing at her and saying they need a 'black bus driver.'"

She said they also kicked her as she sat in the driver's seat.

When officers approached one of the students, they said he refused to give his name or show them his I.D.

One male student was "observed jumping around and swearing" when cops boarded the bus and "became belligerent and disorderly" when they asked for his name. One of the officers tried to restrain the boy with handcuffs but they said he fought back, pushing the cop away and yelling "man f- you."

While that struggle was going on, another student (a female) reportedly grabbed the officer's arm. A second officer arrived and restrained her but other students were "closing in on " them as the male student still "violently struggled" with the first officer.

The boy was taken off the bus, "violently resisting." Police said he was "taken to the ground where he continued to struggle but was eventually secured" with handcuffs.

When police tried to arrest one of the students who had stepped off the bus, another girl yelled for the officer "to get off of (him) and charged," shoving the officer with both hands.

"I ordered her to get back and pushed her away from me," the officer reported. "(She) continued her aggressive behavior prompting me to draw my department issued X-26 Taser and point it at (her). She then complied with their requests and was taken into custody.

Three students, all aged 15 and 16 years old, were taken into custody and charged with assaulting officers and interfering with the operation of a school bus.

Another student was charged with simple assault on the bus driver.

Three others were released to their parents.

The reporting officer had to be treated at Roper Northwoods for minor injuries sustained in the struggle.

The officer did note that his body cam "malfunctioned," saying it was activated and can be seen as working in another officer's footage but at some point it was "taken off or fell off and was later thrown out the window of the bus by an unidentified person."

Another officer reported feeling "a hand grab (his) body worn camera and it was pulled off (his) uniform by an unidentified student."

District officials have asked the NCPD for footage of the incident.

We have contacted them and will update as more information becomes available.

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