The Runaway Bridal Photo: Shipping snafu goes viral

That's not my bride! (Jessica Willis)

When Matt Gregg placed an order for a large canvas print of a motorcycle, he did not expect to get a bride's keepsake sent to his Florida home.

A Florida ABC station says Gregg ordered his print from Easy Canvas Prints and the resulting mix up turned into a Facebook campaign to find the bride whose visage graced the canvas that was shipped to him.

"PLEASE SHARE!" his post read. "This photo on canvas was shipped to me by accident. The poor girl was probably disappointed to open her box and get my print. The company is sending out reprints correctly we hope but I'd like to get this back to the owner. All they would tell me was she is from South Carolina. She will get a new one but maybe she'd like to have another. Share and if someone can identify her I'll ship it to the bride."

The response was huge with more than 23,000 likes, 146,897 shares and one happy ending.

"After just 24 hours and with the help of thousands from the Facebook community the Bride has been located!" Matt said in an online update. "Her name is Paris Boyd and the photo was taken and purchased by her photographer Jessica at I knew this was the right bride both by photograph and they knew exactly what my picture was. Thank you so much to everyone involved. I will be shipping the canvas to Paris and wish her and her groom the best in marriage. However now the photo on canvas has two great stories to remember! A picture is worth 1000 words."

The wedding photographer, Jessica Willis, even posted a photo of herself holding Gregg's canvas just in case there were any doubt that he had found the right person.

While Willis was thrilled that the photo was found, there was one hitch. She and the bride were worried that the groom would see the photo of his bride before the wedding.

Thankfully, the groom heeded his bride's warning to stay off of Facebook and the wedding went on with no further issues.

In the end, Willis says the mix up turned out to be a blessing. Her photography business, located in Andrews, got more exposure than she ever thought possible.

"I never thought in a million years that over 100,000 people would see my work!! I count it as a blessing," she posted to her company's website. "I appreciate all the exposure this has brought my way and I look forward to continuing down this path of creativity and photography!"

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