The S.C. State Election Commission determines voter data not to be released

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The South Carolina State Election Commission has determined that the release of voter data to anyone who is not a registered South Carolina voter is not permitted by state law.

The decision was made after the SEC considered the request for voter data made by the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity (PACEI), which was then consulted by the S.C. Attorney General's office.

The agency may only provide voter data to registered South Carolina voters. This rule is not specific to the PACEI request and applies to any request for voter data from any individual or organization from outside the state.

"As a South Carolina resident and voter concerned with the integrity of our election process, I will purchase the election voter data, as permissible by South Carolina State Law, and turn it over to the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity for it's review," S.C. Republican Party Chairman Drew McKissick wrote in a statement hours after the decision.

Some data requested by the PACEI is not collected by the SEC, and other data is never released:

  • At no time does the SEC release Social Security Numbers, in whole or in part, to anyone, whether a voter or not.
  • The SEC has no data on a voter's party affiliation, as South Carolina does not have registration by party.
  • At no time does the SEC have any information about how people vote, only information about which elections a voter has participated in.
  • The SEC has not yet formally responded to the PACEI request. The formal response will be posted here as it becomes available.
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