Trane recalls more than 100,000 air conditioning systems for shock hazard

Photo: CPSC

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- While temperatures climb into the 90s, one company is recalling approximately 100,600 air conditioning systems because they might not be properly grounded.The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall Tuesday.The recall involves 37 models of Trane XB300 and American Standard Silver SI Air Conditioning Systems. They were sold nationwide between February 2010 and March 2014.

According to the recall, ground screws used in some units don't have the two threads required to provide sufficient grounding.The grey and black units were sold in two sizes: 25.5 inches deep by 23.5 inches wide by 28.83 inches tall and 28.83 inches deep by 28.48 inches wide by 29.28 inches tall. The Trane or American Standard logo is on the front of the unit and model numbers are printed on the silver nameplate on the back.If see if you have one of the models listed below, turn off your air conditioning unit{} using the main breaker switch and check the model number. If you have one of the recalled models, call Trane, their installer or a service dealer to schedule a free inspection and repair.Models included in the recall are:
  • 2TTM3018A1000A*
  • 2TTM3024A1000A*
  • 2TTM3030A1000A*
  • 2TTM3036A1000A*
  • 2TTM3042A1000A*
  • 2TTM3048A1000A*
  • 2TTM3060A1000A*
  • 4A7M3018A1000A*
  • 4A7M3024A1000A*
  • 4A7M3030A1000A*
  • 4A7M3036A1000A*
  • 4A7M3042A1000A*
  • 4A7M3048A1000A*
  • 4A7M3060A1000A*
  • 4TTM3018A1000A*
  • 4TTM3018A1000B*
  • 4TTM3018A1000C*
  • 4TTM3024A1000A*
  • 4TTM3024A1000B*
  • 4TTM3024A1000C*
  • 4TTM3024B1000A*
  • 4TTM3030A1000A*
  • 4TTM3030A1000B*
  • 4TTM3030A1000C*
  • 4TTM3030B1000A*
  • 4TTM3036A1000A*
  • 4TTM3036A1000B*
  • 4TTM3036A1000C*
  • 4TTM3042A1000A*
  • 4TTM3042A1000B*
  • 4TTM3042A1000C*
  • 4TTM3048A1000A*
  • 4TTM3048A1000B*
  • 4TTM3048A1000C*
  • 4TTM3060A1000A*
  • 4TTM3060A1000B*
  • 4TTM3060A1000C*
*15th digit present on actual units is not represented on this list.Consumers can call Trane toll-free at (888) 731-7561 from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. CT Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. CT Sunday,{} or go online at and click on "XB300 Product Recall" for more information. You can also log onto and click on "XB300 Product Recall" for more information.
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