VIDEOS: Sullivan's Island touch and go? FAA unsure if any federal regulations were broken

Sullivan's Island Plane Takeoff (Jae Arda)

Video posted on Instagram Tuesday shows something you rarely see. Drone video by Station28.5 shows a Cessna doing a touch and go landing on a sandbar off Sullivan's Island.

Some commenting on the post considered the maneuver on Tuesday dangerous.

ABC News 4 reached out to the FAA, and we were told the pilot may not have violated any federal aviation regulations. We also made a call to the South Carolina Department of Aeronautics and have yet to hear back.

Bev Jenkins, a local realtor, reached out to ABC News 4 Wednesday to provide another video of the touch-and-go landing.

Jenkins says he took the video while riding in the co-pilot's seat during the flight.

According to Jenkins, he was riding along with the pilot as he did a storm damage survey for a large water damage mitigation company.

Jenkins says there was no imminent danger to any people or property during the touch-and-go, and the pilot was "very experienced."

A third video posted to the ABC News 4 Facebook page also shows the takeoff.

Legal or not, dangerous or not, it's a really cool video.

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