WATCH: Sheriff says deputy fired after inmate escaped from Trident

Watson (BCDC)

Berkeley County Sheriff Duane Lewis said what led to the escape of an inmate from Trident Hospital Sunday was a disregard of training. He said a deputy was fired after 28-year-old Mariel Watson was taken back into custody.

"We have rules, we have policies, we have procedures in place," Sheriff Lewis said.

Watson was allowed to use the restroom while at Trident, and the deputy removed the shackles and handcuffs, the sheriff said. He then busted out of the hospital and led law enforcement officers on a search and find that lasted overnight. He was taken into custody later Monday morning in the Tall Pines area of Berkeley County.

"Had she done that (not remove restraints) we would not be where we are today," Sheriff Lewis said.

The area where Watson was found was described by the sheriff as swampy. It was a wet, wooded area, and Sheriff Lewis said Watson stayed in the woods as officers searched.

Sheriff Lewis said Watson was being guarded by his deputies for the Goose Creek Police Department. He had been under watch by deputies since Friday when it was suspected he swallowed narcotics.

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