McMaster flatly opposes gas tax hike, still no veto threat

Gov. Henry McMaster suggests allowing the Department of Transportation to keep all the state gas taxes currently collected as a way to fix South Carolina's crumbling roads.

McMaster told reporters Wednesday raising the 16-cents-per-gallon tax is not the answer, saying less than half of what's currently collected goes to fixing roads and bridges.

McMaster's taking a more emphatic tone than last month, when he called an increase a last resort.

According to the DOT, 4 cents of the per-gallon tax pays workers' salaries and benefits.

Other required diversions do go toward roadwork. For example, 4 cents is the state's share to get federal highway dollars. And nearly 3 cents goes to counties for local roads.

Roughly 3 cents pays for daily repairs such as pothole patching and mowing.

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