Woman accused of trying to lure children into car with promise of McDonald's run


Nye County Sheriffs have arrested a woman who's accused of trying to lure a child into her car by offering McDonald's.

47-year-old Shauna Gibbons was arrested on Thursday, March 16.

Police responded to Ian Deutch Park after receiving complaints about a woman luring children to her White Ford Explorer at Ian Deutch Park.

When the children approached the vehicle, police say she told them to call her "Violet" or "Auntie." A teen witness said she suspected something was "off" and went to get her mother. A little boy approached the vehicle and Gibbons, who was wearing a see-through shirt at the time, told the little boy she would buy him McDonald's if he got into the car with her. The boy's father grabbed him and fled the scene.

A mother confronted Gibbons and asked her to leave the park. Gibbons reportedly told the parent that she had a right to be there. According to the mother, Gibbons also reportedly exposed her breast.

Police say that Gibbons has some sort of mental disability.

Gibbons is facing charges of luring a child, unlawful contact with a minor, loitering near a school or public place, and indecent exposure.

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