No way! Jose apparently blew tropical bird onto Cape Cod beach

Wild Care Cape Cod is caring for a tropical masked booby that was apparently blown off course by Hurricane Jose and rescued from a Cape Cod beach. (Wild Care Cape Cod)

A tropical bird never before seen in Massachusetts has been rescued from a Cape Cod beach after it was likely blown off course by Hurricane Jose.

Wild Care, a wildlife rehabilitation facility in Eastham, said the masked booby was found Tuesday at a Wellfleet beach.

Wild Care Executive Director Stephanie Ellis told the Cape Cod Times that the bird was thin, weak and experiencing respiratory discomfort likely due to a fungal infection.

Massachusetts Audubon science coordinator Mark Faherty says a masked booby has never before been reported on the state's soil. He says a charter captain reported seeing one about 100 miles south of Nantucket in 2015.

The seabirds are more common in the Gulf of Mexico.