Video: Horse rescued from muddy watering hole

Firefighters rescued a horse that got stuck in the mud in The Acreage. Image Courtesy: PBCFR.

A walk around the ring turned into a potentially deadly situation for a 25-year-old horse in Palm Beach County.

"Skip" the horse fell into muddy watering hole. He was trapped up to his belly in mud at a home along 47th Court in The Acreage.

It took eight firefighters with Palm Beach County Fire Rescue about an hour to free the animal.

Crews first put straps around the horse.

A 25-year-old horse, stuck in the mud in The Acreage, is now free. A veterinarian also responded to the scene to sedate Skip to help him get through the process.

Once freed, the vet evaluated the horse. Skip appears to be just fine.

"The horse appears to be in good shape. It's drinking water, walking around, eating," said Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Capt. Albert Borroto.

The veterinarian plans to stay on scene to make sure the horse has no more injuries.

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