Athlete of the Week: Bishop England's Michele Boykin

CHARLESTON,S.C. (WCIV) - Football has the Mannings. The Braves have the Uptons. ButCharleston has the Boykins, two elite-level siblings in a family where winninghigh school state championships is expected and has become a competition of itsown.

Thisweek's Athlete of the Week is Michele Boykin. She has three state titles and ishoping to chase down at least one more.

"Ihave six brothers and one sister. Four of them have graduated from here, threeof them won state championships in wrestling and then I have two siblings thatgraduated from Hanahan High School and they also won state championships inwrestling," she said.

It'sfamily first for the Boykins. At least that's where they usually finish. Mostrecently, it's been Michele Boykin who wrapped up her second state basketballtitle earlier this month.

"Havingher I always knew we had a chance. Having a player the caliber of Michele makesmy job a whole lot easier," said head coach Paul Runey.

Theroad to Columbia was anything but easy, but Michele Boykin's journey startedmany years earlier.

"Istarted watching her back in about seventh grade, playing with her brothers.They kind of picked on her, but she held her own, didn't back down. I knewright then, she was going to be a good one for us," said Runey.

Boykinsays the competition in her family just makes her work harder and shoot formore rings than her brothers.

Butthis Boykin has to watch her back. She has one more sibling, seventh graderSam.

"Hekeeps saying he's going to have more rings than me, and he's a good athlete sohe probably will. We'll see," she said.

Butshe's not going to make that an easy task.

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