Athlete of the Week: CofC's Bailey Ober

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - At 6-feet 8-inches tall, BaileyOber would catch anyone's eye in a crowd. Standing alone on the mound for theCollege of Charleston, he's even harder to miss unless you're in the batter'sbox.

So far, the true freshman is 4-0 with a minuscule 1.0 ERA.This week's CAA Pitcher of the Week is also the ABC News 4 Athlete of the Week.

"He continues to amaze me that in his true freshman year, he'spitching the way he's pitching," said head coach Monte Lee.

He's a towering presence on the hill with pinpoint accuracyand a fast ball that reaches the low 90s - Ober has been downright dominant.

"I just came in a hoped for the best. I didn't know what toexpect in the first year of college baseball. It's been a blessing," Ober said.

He's yet to walk a batter all season and has logged 26strikeouts in 27 innings of work. All season the long, the freshman has givenup just three runs.

Ober says he had a few offers coming out of CharlotteChristian, but the College just worked out.

"I've always loved the beach. The campus here is beautiful.The baseball program has been great. It just seemed perfect. I like being theunderdog. I like playing on a team like this. I think we're going to surprisesome people," he said.

Lee is shocked by the freshman.

"This is year 14 for me. I've never seen a freshman thatconsistent. We know he'll face adversity at some point at time, but the way he handlesit, he'll be successful," Lee said.

The one knock on Ober so far - his weight, or rather hislack thereof.

"Monte called me 'Fungo' when I was in the outfield shaggingballs. Everyone jokes around. But I embrace it. Obviously I need to put on somepounds and get stronger over the next few years and just keep working hard," Obersaid.

And the only thing leaner than Bailey is opposing batterstatistics.

The hungry hurler is hoping to help the Cougars as they headinto uncharted territory in the CAA. And that makes Ober this week's Athlete ofthe Week.

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