Athlete of the Week: CofC's Willis Hall

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Willis Hall has been a fan favorite at the College of Charleston, but the fifth year senior is staring down the finale of his memorable Cougar career.

In a time of uncertainty, No. 53 has been a solid foundation for the Cougars, making him this week's Athlete of the Week. "The leadership he brings, the experience he brings, his general every day win the day attitude is just priceless for a coach," said head coach Doug Wojcik.From Bobby Cremins to Wojcik, from the SoCon to the CAA, the biggest change is still ahead. Willis' final home game is Saturday.{}"Obviously everyone has asked are you excited you sad? I just -- it's been a really great ride," Hall said.{}He's a little bit of everything."He's a chameleon on campus too, so many people he touches. Whether it's a professor, other students, other athletes, most people can relate to Hall," said Judson Hall, a walk-on senior.{}But there's a connection with Judson Hall that's easier than most. Judson is his little brother, also a senior and a Cougar."The age difference isn't really that big. I see it as we're more twins than a bigger or little brother," said Judson Hall. "He's always worked hard. He's always hustled, he just finds the right place at the right time to be.""I'm a relentless competitor and it doesn't get much better than college basketball. Every night we're going to play good competition. You're going to be tested. You're going to be forced to compete. That competition that energy I get when it's time to strap it up and go to work," said Willis Hall. "I live for that."Hall has been a safe haven and a steady performer, a guy his coach says never has a bad day.{}"I guess the biggest thing I'll miss is that competition. The thrill of competition. Being able to put on that Charleston uniform to represent this city, the fans," said Willis Hall.Two brothers, one senior day, but according to the Halls, only one person will need tissues on Saturday.{}"It'll be tougher on mom," he said. "My mom will probably have a ton of waterworks, she'll probably fill up that river over there, but it is just another game."It's just another game, one final time at the College for Willis Hall, the Athlete of the Week.{}