Athlete of the Week: CSU's Alex Tomasovich

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Alex and Andrew Tomasovich are two of a kind at Charleston Southern, but the brothers have been through much more than baseball together.

Both are thriving on the diamond as Bucs, but Alex has always been a calming influence for his younger brother Andrew, and now he's doing the same for Stuart Lake and CSU.

"He's done it since his freshman year. He just came in, he's an offensive player but he's so calm and collected, it just brings calmness to our team," said Lake. "He's not really a talker in the dugout. He leads by his actions."

But calm doesn't mean boring.

"Once you jump out of the plane, all your adrenaline takes over. Once you get down, you just want to go right back again," said Alex Tomasovich.

The three-time skydiver is now a senior third baseman at CSU and closing in on the school's all-time hits record. But the reigning Big South Player of the Week is playing for more than bragging rights -- he's playing for his mom.

"It was really hard, obviously, losing her when I was younger, but it gives me something to play for now. I know she's up there watching over me, watching every game. I love knowing she's smiling down, watching over me and Andrew," he said.

"I don't know if it changed how we play baseball, but it gives us purpose," said Alex's younger brother. "Growing up, Mom was our biggest fan. She was the one yelling behind home plate. It's tough. It's really tough losing that, but it gives us motivation."

Now the brothers Tomasovich are living life to the fullest together.

"We play well together, we push each other. It helps us out," said Andrew Tomasovich.

Their time on the diamond is running out, but Alex is ever so calm and content with the journey.

"It's special. I wish she was here to see it, but I know she's smiling; she's proud. That's all I can really ask," he said.

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