High School Hero Week 1: Hanahan's Terrell Green

HANAHAN, S.C. (WCIV) -- Last Friday night, Hanahan's 41-0 win over Timberland was something monumental. The Hawks hadn't beaten the Wolves since 1997, the entire Hawks team played well, but one player truly standing out among the rest.

He's hard to miss, easy to see, simple to find and Terrell Green will do the rest.{}

"It's definitely a big advantage," said Green. "I try to use it in every possible way. Football is my number one. It's where my heart is. There are a lot of 6'6" basketball players, not a lot of 6'6" wide receivers. I am trying to expound on it." {}

"Most high school defensive backs are 5'9" or 5'10,"" said Hanahan Head Coach Charlie Patterson. "His height is big. It presents matchup problems for the defense particularly in the end zone."

Green is a simple guy, he has simple hobbies.

"I love to fish, that's the big thing -- I love to fish," he said.{}

The fishing he's been doing this year -- fishing in footballs -- has been up and down the field, particularly in paydirt.{}

"It's great being out there with friends and family, being able to make plays. It's what I love to do," he said.{}

Green knows what it's like not to have football. Last year, in the Bishop England game he fell on his arm, dislocating his elbow and ending his season.{}

"It fueled me. It made me want to get better and stronger. I wanted to come back better than ever. I just wanted to contribute to the team because that is what I care about. I wanted to leave a mark on Hanahan football," said Green.{}{}

He already is -- he's already standing above the rest, knowing his team can do the same.{}

"I think personally, we can go all the way," he said.{}

Green is a star hoopster with football hands leading the Hanahan Hawks and now, a high school hero.