High School Hero Week 2: Garrett Tech's Ron Singleton

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The Garrett Tech Falcons are 2-0 on this young season.{} They are moving the ball well against opponents, so of course, the offensive line is doing their job.

One of the anchors of that offensive line, Ron Singleton, surely has earned his High School Hero title.{}

"I love playing for Garrett," said Singleton. "Ever since day one of summer practice, I love it, now I'm experiencing competition for starting spots. It's fun."

Football has never been very easy for Singleton because he plays it a bit differently.{}

"Blocking, I've never played offensive line. I played defensive line -- it was a challenge for me to get used to it. I don't get frustrated, I know my abilities, I push my abilities to the max. I see what I can and can't do," said the junior offensive lineman.

The change from the defensive to the offensive side of the ball is nothing to Singleton because three years ago he changed from a two-armed to a one-armed football player.{}

"He's a lot stronger than you'd expect. He can use one arm great. Opposing coaches say he's really a strong football player," said Garrett Head Coach Rick Burns. "It doesn't hurt, but he has to compensate a bit and cut off gaps. I'd rather he use his shoulder than hands anyways, so it doesn't hurt on offense."

Singleton was born with an unusable left arm. Three years ago he made the difficult decision on his own to have most of it amputated.{}

"I thought it was the right choice, right choice for me in the future, the long run. I ended up playing high school football. I didn't want to injure myself by having a whole arm," he said.{}

His only handicap is in the weight room. On the field, he's a leader, a full-go starter and an inspiration for others.{}

"I'm very proud of myself for overcoming it. I embrace it; they support me by telling me to keep going. They tell me to keep fighting for what you're going for," Singleton said.{}

And what he wants is to play college football next. This high school hero is not armed with the phrase "can't."{}{}