High School Hero Week 5: Fort D's Eurndraus Bryant

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Steve Laprad has had three NFL players come through the doors of Fort Dorchester: Carlos Dunlap, Robert Quinn and Byron Maxwell. All of them are athletes on a higher level, but his next might even top them. That's why Eurndraus Bryant is this week's ABC News 4 High School Hero. Bryant is a defensive lineman's worst nightmare turned into a Friday night reality."I know I have a goal to reach. I have to beat my man. I just know to destroy my dude in front of me," he said. Plunging it over the goal line, he does that just for fun. But his true trade lies on the defensive side of the ball. "I'm just blessed. I get to push around guys that are smaller than me," Bryant said. At 6-feet 2-inches tall and 335 pounds, freshman Bryant is the strongest student athlete in the state of South Carolina. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. "He's a freak -- large and strong. He can go fast, can do anything, throw as well as quarterbacks, can catch as well as wide receivers, doesn't have speed of running backs, but agility is amazing," said Laprad.He sounds like a real life Chuck Norris joke. He does it all and even claims he can do a back flip, but was a bit too shy to do it on camera. The bottom line, though, is that Bryant can be the next in line to do big things once he leaves Fort Dorchester. "Best thing is, he doesn't have an enemy in the world, like other guys, well-rounded. He's a good ol' American guy," Laprad said. And now he's a High School Hero.

Fort Dorchester will head to West Ashley this Friday.

The ABC News 4 Game of the Week will head to Stratford High School as the Knights take on the Summerville Green Wave.