High School Hero Week 7: Baptist Hill's Troy Harrison

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) -- Every year, Baptist Hill seems to reload at the 1-A level. They're coming off a convincing win{} over Lincoln and now have a bye before facing Cross.

Much of the success is due to their quarterback, Troy Harrison.

Harrison isn't physically the biggest man on campus, but academically, Harrison towers above most.

"A lot of those kids we're coaching now, they may not be the biggest kids physically but man, when you come to classroom management, now they become the biggest men on the campus," said head coach Marion Brown.

Harrison's grades rank him in the top 10 of his graduating class. And that brain power doesn't hurt when he has to lead a team.

"Lead by example," said Harrison of his style. "My players see me being vocal or I'm making plays, they should want to go out and make a play too. I used to always come to games here at the hill. I always would think that could be me one day."

His coach says Harrison has been on campus since before birth. His mother worked at Baptist Hill and just weeks after giving birth, she was back on campus with him on her arm.

Growing up in a motivational atmosphere has motivated Harrison to become a teacher down the road. He already has an early start in the mentoring game -- he spends his summers working as a sports camp counselor.

"For example, if I see a kid going down the wrong path, I pull them aside and tell them, 'This isn't right,' or 'This is wrong.' You try to get them on track because I know if you do the wrong things, bad things happen so I just try to keep them on track," Harrison said.

"Troy is a giver. He loves giving up his time, his service," said Brown. "He's just that kind of person."

But Brown is pretty pleased with the way Harrison gives under the lights on Friday night.

"Oh yes, now that's the best part of his giving I like best," Brown said.