High School Hero Week 8: West Ashley's Bobby Ruff

WEST ASHLEY, S.C. (WCIV) -- West Ashley High is having their best season in years and a big part of it is a solid defense anchored by Bobby Ruff. The Senior linebacker committed last week the play for Charleston Southern next year. But if football didn't work out, that would not be a problem for this well-rounded High School Hero. On the field, he is a man on a mission. "We want to go to the playoffs and win a playoff game; that is our goal," Ruff said. "We want to be the first team here to win a playoff game, something nobody can take away from us."Without him, the Wildcats surely would not be as rough and tumble on the defensive side of the ball. Lucky for West Ashley, Ruff chose football. "Bobby has come into his own in football, dedicated himself solidly to football this year," said head coach Bobby Marion. "He's doing a great job as a senior leader and enthusiastic on the field."It wasn't that Ruff wasn't dedicated or slacking before. He had plenty of drama in his life -- literally. "I did plays freshman, sophomore and junior years. This year, I'm the lead in Shrek," he said. It's not every day a school's top college football-bound linebacker is also the top thespian, but Ruff isn't a run of the mill player. "Drama is spring, football is fall. Fourth period is weights, and fourth period in spring is drama," Ruff said. He's been acting and singing since 8th grade and he has no plans to give it up, but he's working to prioritize one curtain call before the next. "Football is big part of my life and family. My dad played for Citadel. People ask if I play ball to follow in his footsteps; it's not that -- he made his name at The Citadel. I want to make my name at CSU and I feel I can do that in an impactful way," he said. When he's done crushing offenses, he'll crush scripts because he knows that whatever he does, he's at his best when the spotlight is on him.The game of the week this Friday will be a regional showdown between two still-undefeated 2-A powers, Woodland at Bishop England.