Former Bucs coach Jamey Chadwell confident CSU will continue winning ways


From Charleston to Conway. When Jamey Chadwell left Charleston Southern to take the offensive coordinator job at Coastal Carolina, he didn't realize he'd be the interim head coach come Week 1.

Leaving CSU after four seasons as their head coach was not easy, but as he moves forward, so does the program he left behind.

"To know now it's a top 15-20 program, people know who they are, people down the road know who they are, there's a respect for that program," he said. " We took a place that people didn't think a lot of, even people there, to where people know them nationally. Played on TV. Made playoff runs. It'll be something I look back on fondly, regardless of the things you can't control."

Now, it's Mark Tucker at the helm for the Bucs, and he's currently the only paid coach on an entirely new staff.

Tucker's story is remarkable in its own right. He was out of football for a decade before Chadwell brought him back as the quarterbacks coach at CSU in 2013.

"Not a greater story. It's a Disney movie, if people dig into it," Chadwell said of Tucker. "Hopefully he'll do well, get that Disney movie."

Chadwell does not doubt Tucker's ability to succeed. He describes him as a close friend and mentor.

"He's poured so much into me. For me to give him a chance to be an assistant after he was out so long, it means a lot. When you leave somewhere, it's hard. You just hope someone comes in after you, cares as much as you do. He probably cares more."

It's a new season for the two coaches, certainly one of change, set to start this weekend.

The Bucs will travel to Mississippi State for a 4 p.m. game Saturday. The CCU Chanticleers will host UMass Saturday at 2 p.m.

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