Are your clothes ready for the 2012 Cooper River Bridge Run?


By Laura Harris

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV)-- Are you one of the lucky 40,000+ people that are going to be running the 2012 Bridge Run? I bet that not even half of you participants out there are really ready for this thing.

But not to worry, your 10K troubles are about to be washed away with some sound advice from a professional runner, fitness model, and trainer.

Local Charlestonian Nancy Burnham is a professional runner, fitness model and trainer and she wants to get you into shape from your running shoes to your headphones!

Swag out your run

"First things first; wear what's comfortable and appropriate for the conditions," says Nancy. She says it sounds like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised at what some people throw on.

"For example, in any running event, you want to wear comfortable clothes that fit, not a t-shirt that's two sizes too big. Typically non-wicking material is more appropriate than cotton."

Nancy also says, if you're not sure about what "non-wicking material" is, head to your local sporting good store, well before the race, to ask questions. They can point you in the right direction when it comes to the materials you want to make sure you have on race day.

As a runner that has participated in more than 2 dozen races, including half marathons and triathlons, Nancy says she's no fashion guru, but she does know what works and what doesn't when it comes to what you put on come race day.

"Many studies about workout attire show that people will typically perform better if they are wearing clothes that make them feel good," says Nancy. "Having said that, don't get too crazy on appearance because if you're out on a long run and you have a wardrobe malfunction, it will severely affect your mojo."

"Mojo?" I asked her jokingly.

"Yes, mojo! For example, I bought these super cute workout shorts that I had never run in before and the material was not runner-friendly. I ended up with chaffing to my inner thighs that lingered for a week."

YIKES! No one wants chaffing! Nancy says if you're in doubt, just try on the stuff before race day. Try running in the same outfit you plan to sport on March 31. If it works, great, if not, back to the drawing board!

The agony of "Da-Feet"

Alright, now from the body to the feet. Who goes out and buys brand new running shoes the day before the race? That is a big no-no according to Nancy. She says if you are on a six-week training program, she would just stick with the shoes you started training with.

"Avid runners need to replace their shoes every 500-600 miles, or every three to four months. For novice runners, you can hold out for six months before buying a new pair. A word to the wise, if you find the perfect pair of running shoes, buy two pairs so that when your first pair needs to be replaced you won't have to go through the hunting process again," explains Nancy.

She says a great rule of thumb is to give your shoes at least five to six training runs before race day.

"Running" on adrenalin

OK, so it's race day. Nancy says leave your wallet, purse, cosmetics and phone in your car. If your phone is your means of music, it's ok to have it, but you may find the vibrating gets to be a bit annoying.

"Take with you a single car key, bottle of water, layers of clothing (specifically ones that are easy to strip off during the run), go ahead and apply your SPF before you hit the road and of course, pack your tunes!"

Now that Nancy has given you the roadmap to have your best race ever, GOOD LUCK!