A bill could disband the SCHSL

GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCIV) -- The Goose Creek community's hopes for a state championship victory fell flat, after what many call a fumble by the supervising body.

Rep. Joe Daning of District 92 proposed a bill that would essentially replace the South Carolina High School League. He says the league's decision last fall to disqualify the Gator's football team over an ineligible player was the final straw.

"I got to thinking how unfair that was," he said. "I got their constitution it says for medical reasons they can make exception for this child."

The bill that Daning proposed would set up a governing body called the Division of Interscholastic Athletics. He would also add a 13 member appeals committee.

"It would be made up of members other than the advisory board," he said.

Daning says the bill would create accountability and create certain levels of penalties.

"Right now there is only one," he said. "There's no level of penalties, basically a death sentence that's it."

Daning's bill is one of few in the House and Senate that are tackling the League.

The League declined to comment on the bill.

The bill, H. 3329, pass unanimously in a house sub-committee Wednesday.