Big names from Stall High's past talk about impact of school

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - When you think of Tim Scott, you likely think of South Carolina's newest United States Senator.{} When you think of Tim Scott, you likely don't think of his time as a bruising fullback for the Stall High School Warriors.{}

"I'd like to say it's great talent, but it's not. It's a system, a process to develop great character, to develop kids into men. It was a powerful force in my life. I{} look back with much thankfulness on Stall High School{} teachers and coaches," said Scott. {}When you think of Anthony Johnson, you likely think of a College of Charleston legend and a long and prosperous NBA career.{} You likely don't think of the active student athlete in the early 90s at Stall High School.

"I have to give all the credit to my coaches, Kim Deas especially. Stall is one of those places,{} we weren't a force to be reckoned with but always had good players who became good students and overall citizens," says Johnson, who is now retired from basketball and living in Atlanta. {}When you think of Stall High School today, you probably don't think of a basketball program, but you should.{}

Second year head coach Steve Guerry certainly does.{} He's from Charleston, loves Charleston and knows Stall High history. He knows what the school has been and what it can be.

"I didn't know what to expect coming in, coming off two, 1-and-18 seasons. I didn't know what kind of players or students we'd have. We won seven games last year; we're 10-8 this year. I'm pleased with what we've accomplished," he said.

Even more impressive than his wins and loss record is the record of what he's doing with his student athletes.{}

"If kids have ability and desire, my job is to get them into school, for academics or athletics- I had six seniors last year- all six went to college," he said.

The path that Guerry is putting kids on today is the very same one that Tim Scott traveled 30 years ago.{}

"When you run through guys on the basketball court, it's not a good thing. It took me about three games to figure it out. I found the football field, which I had the desire to run through guys -- and that led me to Presbyterian College on an athletic scholarship," said Scott. {}Guerry is pushing guys in the right direction. He consistently uses Johnson and Scott as examples for where they can go.{} He also says current Clemson assistant basketball coach Earl Grant, a Stall High graduate, is another alum that he uses as an example and he talks to often.{}

If Scott had one thing to say to the Stall High hoopsters of today, it would be this: "I've been blessed with men who became mentors because they loved what they did and the students they worked with."{}

The good thing for those kids -- some things haven't changed at Stall High School.

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