CSU head coach's son living up to hype at Pinewood Prep

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) -- College head coaches are not allowed to talk about potential recruits, but there is an exception to the rule. Charleston Southern Head Coach Barclay Radebaugh has no problems at all taking advantage of that exception. {}"It's a privilege to watch him grow as a player. He is the most dedicated player I've ever known at any level. He is constantly working out, he's a very dedicated player," he said. {}Growing up the son of a Division I head coach, Reid Radebaugh has learned a lot about basketball and how to make it to the next level. {}"I try and get up 250 shots a day, three pointers and mid range jumpers. I have been around it my whole life, my dad being the coach at CSU, I was kind of growing up with work ethic. At 5'10, I need to have good work ethic. It allows me to do things I wouldn't be able to do otherwise," said the Pinewood Prep point guard. {}Radebaugh is not only standing on his family name, he is establishing himself as one of the top point guards in the Lowcountry. {}Dad, is certainly guiding him every step of the way. {}"He's dad to me. I pick his brain; he's got a great basketball mind. After practice and at games we talk but at the same time, he's just dad," he said. For the elder Radebaugh, he gets plenty of satisfaction helping out his son. {}"It's been great, it's a neat experience to share basketball with him. I bet I've rebounded a million shots but that is our talk time. When I'm rebounding, we talk. He's an incredible young man, a wonderful student," the head coach said. {}As far as the next level goes, Radebaugh's Pinewood Prep head coach Pat Eidson thinks he has what it takes. "He has a shot to play Division I basketball. He has a hard work ethic, he's a good athlete. He really has a shot," Eidson said. {}Reid Radebaugh says his recruiting is wide open, he's no lock to go to Charleston Southern. {}Barclay Radebaugh commonly responds to that question by saying, if he does decide to recruit him he's got a pretty good in with his mom. {}