Goose Creek Gators call Joye Law Firm a blessing

By Valencia

GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCIV) - Andre Rhodes, Kenny Hampton and Daylin Julius shared the same after-school routine as members of the Goose Creek football team. But, that has changed since the team was disqualified from post-season play in November.

"Just seeing my teammates walking around school with their heads down, it was very hurtful," said Daylin Julius, a junior, inside linebacker for the Goose Creek Gators.

In November, the Gators were disqualified from the state championship because of an ineligible player. The community rallied in their favor but, the South Carolina High School League still held their ground.

"I thought it was pretty cool that we have a lot of support out there. Not just our fans that come out and come to our games but, adults and what not," said Hampton, a junior defensive back.

Now, the Joye Law Firm, which represented the ineligible player, is looking to hold a banquet in their honor and present the team with championship-like rings.

"It won't feel the same but it's okay because we have a community to support us, and I'm just happy about that," said Andre Rhodes, a junior defensive back. {}

The idea of some type of ring is bittersweet but, shows the unwavering support the Goose Creek Gators have from their community. {}

"It's a blessing," said Rhodes. "I'm happy that they're looking out for us."