Reedy: 'Hell no, we didn't get a fair hearing'

GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCIV) - Officials at Goose Creek said Tuesday they had exhausted their avenues of recourse against the state high school and the appeals would stop.

Principal Jimmy Huskey said he and head football coach Chuck Reedy had been in constant contact with their legal counsel and determined that they had no recourse to get the football team back on the field.

However, he said he was proud of what the school and the community had accomplished during the battle with the South Carolina High School League.

Huskey revealed Tuesday that the SCHSL had fined the school $3,300 for John Doe's presence on the field in addition to making them pay travel and court costs for the committee. Huskey estimated the cost could approach $10,000.

Reedy said last week John Doe had been on the field for 17 snaps in five games.

Reedy was more expressive of his distaste of the outcome and the actions of the SCHSL.

"I don't want to be associated with a group of people like that," he said.

He went on to berate the process of dealing with the SCHSL, saying the committee disregarded "any sense" of fair play. He went on to call the members of the SCHSL committee who heard the case "puppets."

Reedy and Huskey maintained that John Doe was still eligible based on the SCHSL's constitution, but Reedy said the board did not adhere to its own guiding principles when handing down its decision.

"Read the constitution - it said it! They never addressed that. They ignored it. I'll tell you why: because they have no oversight, they answer to nobody, they make a decision and we challenged it because it was wrong and the case was heard before one person who was objective," he said.

Reedy said he was proud of the team because each member handled the ordeal with the state league with class and dignity.

"The 11 years I've been at Goose Creek have been the best 11 years of my professional career, most rewarding. I will certainly be evaluating what my future is. I have a very, very difficult time being associated with the SCHSL and I will be a strong advocate whether I am here or somewhere else in making changes," he said.

And changes seem to be a word on the lips of many state legislators. Several members of the legislature said they were disheartened by the decision of the SCHSL and would be looking into changes in the body moving forward.

Huskey said they had also heard from several school across the state expressing their sympathy with the decision and siding with Goose Creek over the SCHSL.

"We're going to continue to fight for the children. We're going to continue to do the right things," Huskey said.

"We'll continue with the Gator Nation," he said.