Roddick wins Powershares series over Agassi at Volvo Car Open

Roddick v. Agassi - Powershares (20).JPG

Andy Roddick can still rock a 135-mph serve and return forehands from Andre Agassi and James Blake. Roddick won the Powershares Series event at the Volvo Car Open Saturday night, defeating Agassi 6-1.

In semifinal play, Roddick beat his former Davis Cup teammate James Blake 6-3 to advance, and Agassi beat Mardy Fish 6-2 in the other semifinal match.

Before the match, the legends of men's tennis fielded questions from reporters on the series.

"I love the opportunity to play against friends as well as legends. These guys are one in the same in that regard," Blake said. "My whole career felt like a dream come true doing what I love and now I get to continue it, and we get to continue it in a slightly less pressure-filled environment."

While the four men were still aggressively competing in the tiebreak sets, the atmosphere gave them a chance to relax. At one point in Roddick's first match, he challenged the umpire when Blake called his own line.

Calling the unpire's seat a high chair, he asked the Australian official what his job function was during the match, settling on calling the points.

"Essentially," the umpire responded, getting laughs from the crowd.

In the final, Agassi called a Roddick return out as Roddick protested, saying he didn't know what to feel because he was being cheated by his idol.

Roddick's win Saturday night marked his 11th on the champions tennis circuit for players over 30. Roddick, who is 33, won eight titles in the 2015 series.

Charleston is a place Roddick and Fish know well. As members of the 2004 Davis Cup team that made the final, they played in Charleston, and Roddick made history with a 155 mph serve.

"It was such a big deal for us then just because we had never been in a Davis Cup final. So kind of sweeping here and winning 3-0 in that tie was a real big deal for us," Roddick said.

"We had a great time. I was really excited when we chose Charleston for that tie, and then just all good memories from that week and really happy to be back now."

Roddick said on the golf cart ride to the media center, the players talked about how much the liked Charleston. Roddick said it was on a short list of cities he and wife Brooklyn Decker would consider moving to.

As a teen in the 80s, Agassi played on the clay courts at Wild Dunes and then again in 1992 he appeared against Ivan Lendl in Charleston after he won Wimbledon for the opening of a tennis center.

"I try to forger every event with Ivan Lendl, so that one I'm struggling with," Agassi said, laughing. "However, Wild Dunes I remember well. Played Jimmy Brown first round. Played Lawson Duncon in the semis, beat him 4 and 3. I've always enjoyed coming here, no doubt. It is a quaint little town, and me and Andy's wife have also talked about moving here. Just kidding."

On Friday night, Blake won the series opener in Chicago, beating John McEnroe 6-4. It was his fifth Powershares series title.

"I was shocked last night at how much James has improved over the years. I mean, he played lights out. Or maybe I've decreased, I don't know," Agassi said.

"It's very explosive tennis, so you want to get comfortable early. But playing outside with the wind on green clay, I just wouldn't expect a whole lot."

Each Powershares event features two single-set semifinal matches and another championship match.