ABC News 4 Sales/Marketing

      ABC News 4 is happy to serve the local community with a positive broadcast environment in which to place their advertisements.

      ABC News 4 strives to deliver high integrity, factual news that has not been sensationalized. Our local advertising sales team is comprised of the best and brightest in the Lowcountry, and we strive to earn your business the same way we earn our viewers: with honesty and integrity.

      We will sit down and help you devise a marketing plan that will address your objectives by delivering a compelling message to those who can impact your business today. We have a variety of products, from entertainment to the news, from broadcast television to promotions to using web advertising right here on

      Contact Information: 843-881-4444

      Brian Farmer- General Sales Manager 843-856-2426

      Erin Bassily- Local Sales Manager 843-849-3592

      Cydne Abernathy – Regional Sales Manager 843-881-4444 ext4418

      Ben Barna - Digital Sales Manager 843-856-3226

      Stefanie Wilson – Integrated Solutions Consultant 843-856-3227

      Melissa Mardelli - Integrated Solutions Consultant 843-856-2502

      Lindsey McCoy - Integrated Solutions Consultant 843-849-3589

      Catherine Griffin - Integrated Solutions Consultant 843-856-2427

      Elizabeth Rawl - Integrated Solutions Consultant 843-856-2431

      Catherine Ray - Integrated Solutions Consultant 843-856-2432

      Tyler Dillon - Integrated Solutions Consultant 843-856-3224

      Jonathan Kennedy - Integrated Solutions Consultant 843-856-2430

      Sonia Mendez – Regional Sales Coordinator 843-849-3581

      Rob Mallia – NTR Developer/Digital Coordinator 843-881-7561

      Raquel Alban – Local Sales Coordinator 843-849-2503

      Frank Snyder – Local Sales Coordinator 843-849-3572