Local woman says scammers tried to take advantage of her lost dog
Local woman says scammers tried to take advantage of her lost dog

“It’s been really hard. Like I said, he’s a big part of our family. I missed probably a half a week of work when he went missing," said Morgan Buffalari after her dog Mulligan went missing nearly three weeks ago.

Since then she's tried to find him. But, she says someone has tried to scam her out of money during the search.

Buffalari says she received text messages from someone claiming they have her dog, but claimed they would sell him if she didn't pay them.

“They never sent a picture anything like that," said Buffalari. She says she did not pay, but wants to make people more aware of the threat.

“I think it’s becoming more common these days. One of the best things to do would be to ask them to send you a picture. Like time stamped and dated for the current time. Or she could ask to meet at a shelter or vet office," said Debbie Allen, Animal Service Manager for the Berkeley Animal Center.

Buffalari says she has filed a police report with the Hanahan Police Department about the incident.

She says she is also looking to educate people on what to do if they find a stray animal. If you do, you are encouraged to look for the owner yourself, by posting pictures of them online or getting a potential microchip scanned. If none of that works, you should take them to an animal shelter for help.

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