Hundreds of dogs rescued from illegal meat trade meet new owners at JFK airport
No Dogs Left Behind rescues dogs from illegal dog meat market (CNN).JPG

John F. Kennedy Airport was filed with happy meetings on Friday, as new owners were able to greet their new best friends who traveled from Asia to start new lives.

A bunch of special cargo, some furry survivors, were loaded off planes on Friday.

"I'm just, I don't have words, it's amazing. His name is Ben," said Nicole Diodati, a dog owner.

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Global animal welfare group, No Dogs Left Behind, worked with activists in China to rescue these hundred dogs from slaughterhouses, wet markets and illegal traffickers.

"Once we actually save the dogs, it's an incredible process of gathering these dogs that are beaten and tortured," said Jeffrey Beri, from No Dogs Left Behind. "Pulling them from these inhumane cages, many of them dying, many of them dead, many of them infected with disease."

The dogs are brought to safe havens, given medical care and socializing time. Now, these dogs are ready for adoption after their long journey.

The founder of No Dogs Left Behind says the pandemic limited efforts to save more dogs and get them back quickly, but for these pups, they have a new home.

Consuming dog meat is not illegal in China, but there is a growing criticism of it as more people see dogs as pets and not food.

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