Wells Fargo customers: Glitch caused money to disappear, leaving negative balances
Wells Fargo bank customers say glitch caused money to disappear, leaving negative balances (AP/TND)

Some Wells Fargo customers say a glitch is causing money in their accounts to disappear, leaving behind negative balances and overdraft notifications.

The bank's mobile app posted a notice for certain customers Friday that reads "If you're experiencing an issue with our online services, we apologize for the inconvenience. We're working quickly to resolve it."

Outage monitoring website reported a spike in users having problems with the banking service around 8 a.m. EST on Friday morning.

Twitter users posted about the issue, with one saying, "My direct deposit @WellsFargo has completely disappeared from my accounts leaving me in the negative. Does this mean #wellsfargo will pay ME a fee for not having access to my money?"

Another user replied to that tweet with, "I woke up to overdraft protection emails. @WellsFargo better have a good explanation because I had a paycheck yesterday."

Wells Fargo spokesperson Josh Dunn said in a statement to the Charlotte Observer that funds remain available, even though some people's direct deposit transactions were not showing up. Dunn did not specify how many customers were affected or when they can expect the problem to be resolved.

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