ABC News 4 Sales Team

    ABC News 4 is happy to serve the local community with a positive broadcast environment in which to place their advertisements.{} ABC News 4 strives to deliver high integrity, factual news that has not been sensationalized.{}Our local advertising sales team is comprised of the best and brightest in the Lowcountry, and we strive to earn your business the same way we earn our viewers: with honesty and integrity.{} We will sit down and help you devise a marketing plan that will address your objectives by delivering a compelling message to{}those who can impact your business today.{} We have a variety of products, from entertainment to the news, from{}broadcast television to promotions to using web advertising right here on{} {}Contact Information: 843-881-4444{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} {}{} Brian Farmer- General Sales 843-856-2426

    Erin Bassily- Local Sales 843-856-3592

    Ben Barna - Digital Sales{}843-856-3226

    Aubrey Dougherty - Account{}843-856-3223 Leslie Williams - Account{}843-856-3227 Lindsey McCoy -{}Account{}843-849-3589 {} Catherine Griffin - Account{}843-856-2427 {}{}{}Elizabeth Rawl{}- Account{}843-856-2431 {} Anne Johnson - Account{}843-856-2430 {}{} Catherine Ray - Account{}843-856-2432 Zach Washburn - Account{}843-856-2428 Janie Fulp - Account{}843-856-3225 Melissa Mardelli - Account{}843-856-2502

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