Allergy and Pollen Info

    Allergy and Pollen InfoWhat are Allergies and how do they affect you?

    You're probably all too familiar with the symptoms of allergies. If so, you're among the more than 50 million Americans that suffer from seasonal allergies. Get more information on symptoms and learn what type of allergens affect you. More<>><>>

    Treatment Options for Allergies

    Although there is no cure for allergies, doctors can use a variety of approaches{} to provide varying degrees of relief from allergy symptoms. More<>><>>

    Diagnosing Allergic Diseases

    When it appears that respiratory illness symptoms are caused by an allergy, the patient should see a physician who understands the diagnosis and treatment of allergies. More<>><>>

    All About Pollen Allergies

    Each spring, summer, and fall, pollen particles are released from trees and grasses. These particles can enter human noses and throats, triggering pollen allergies. More<>><>>

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