Aqua blue Folly water: Will it return?


By CJ Jacksoncjackson@abcnews4.comFOLLY BEACH, S.C. (WCIV) -- There's been a buzz along the Edge of America lately, and it all has to do with the water. You could say something showed up...out of the blue. But if you were waiting until Memorial Day weekend to check it out, you missed it.{}"One day it was just regular, normal beautiful Folly and then it just became amazing," said beach goer Josh Wilson.The buzz around here for weeks was the crystal clear, Caribbean like water but there's good news - it could come back.It happened basically over night. The water along Folly Beach went from brown to a brilliant blue. Some are comparing it to the waters along South Florida and the explanation is actually quite simple. According to a local geology professor, it's thanks in part to the $30-million renourishment project. The dredging is not only pumping sand to the shoreline but its stirring up limestone. Mix that with a clearer than normal body of water and you have that gorgeous aqua blue ocean."Normally we wouldn't see it but its kinda like a stop sign at night," said Scott Harris, Associate Professor at College of Charleston. "If you hit it with the light it reflects back at you a lot".The dredging is scheduled to wrap up at the end of June, and Harris believes that's plenty of time for the conditions to become perfect for the waters to turn yet again.
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