At home with the Houstons

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- He's a former football player and current head coach at The Citadel. There are plenty of accolades that come with Mike Houston, including a career record of 19-2 in the conference and a runner up finish in Division II last season.

The Citadel is hoping their new head football coach is a home run hire. No matter the field for Houston, it's the same goal: molding boys into men. That's no more evident than in the back yard of his Charleston home with his family.

"I certainly have a lot more control as Coach Houston as I do as dad. When you get home here, you just kind of roll with the punches. It's certainly the most enjoyable part of my day even though I love what I do. Evenings and grilling in backyard and playing in backyard and spending time with them are the highlight of the day," he says of his family.

The highlights of the day as a dad are different than the calls as a coach.

"I definitely think I'm not a 'football is only thing in my life' person. Family, I still enjoy golf, try to bike. I try to be pretty balanced which is pretty good for the mental aspect," he said.

Mom, Dad, Owen and Reid are still getting used to the lay of the land and life as Bulldogs on campus at The Citadel. They're still reaching for what's comfortable.

"This was just the right move and perfect for us It was still a big decision moving two kids, This is the first time we've moved babies with us. That was a little different," said Houston's wife, Amanda.

In a different city, things are a bit foggy for the family at time. But for Mike Houston, once he steps out on the field, there's a clear vision and the same goal and mindset as his old job.

"It will be hard-nosed, intense, fiery attitude," he said.

"He's a fun Dad, likes to rough them up, and then they like to rough up Mom. Mom doesn't hang quite as well. He is fun, very good Dad, likes to play, they like to play with him. You know he does a good job because they are yelling for Daddy as soon as he walks in the door," said Amanda Houston.

He's a winner at home for his wife and two sons, regardless of what happens in front of thousands of fans on game day.

"I was fortunate to have the great year at Lenoir Rhyne," Mike Houston said, talking about his son's excitement after the games. "His biggest thrill was if we played at home and won, he came in the locker room with me and we sang the fight song. If we were on the road and won, he would ride the bus home with me."

"It's nice to have them surround him, let him chill, talk to them, play with the boys, kind of remind him they don't care about the loss or big win. It's important to play with them and forget about it as much as you can," said Amanda Houston.

Moving from Hickory to the Lowcountry, Mike Houston's family are certainly his biggest fans and they're snuggled up with the biggest bulldog on campus.

"I have a feeling they will be right in the middle of everything with me and my career," he said.

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