Awendaw Green Barn Jam a place for up and coming bands

By Gregory Woods

AWENDAW, S. C. (WCIV) -- On any other day, Awendaw Green is just a quiet barnyard that sits adjacent to Highway 17 in the city of Awendaw. But on Wednesdays, the 23-acre barnyard comes to life.

"We connect people to original music," said Eddie White, who runs the barn. "Lots of clubs make bands play cover tunes and most of those band members would rather be playing their own music, so we've given them a showcase to play every Wednesday."

It's called the Awendaw Green Barn Jam{}and{}it started more than five years ago.

White says it's a family affair of food, fun, and good music.

"It gives a lot of people who are new to Charleston a place to connect to other humans and get people off of their couch, and that maybe the most important thing we are doing is getting people together," said White.

White says hosting the event isn't free, but the exposure it gives to young artists is priceless.

"We ask a five-dollar donation; we think it's a great deal," said White. "We give the bands some gas money and pay for some of the light bills to make it happen."

You can join ABC News 4 at the Barn Jam at 6 and 7 p.m. Wednesday for the next installment of the Your Neighbors series. We will also be collecting donations for the Lowcountry Food Bank.

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