BCSO: Shots fired after service refused at Nowhere Bar and Grill

GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCIV) -- Berkeley County Sheriff's deputies responded to the Nowhere Bar & Grill on Henry E. Brown Blvd. early Sunday morning for reports of a shooting.Deputies said when they arrived on the scene they found three victims lying on the ground just inside the door to the bar.

Bartender Vickie Taylor was at work when the incident happened. She said the three people shot were all regulars at the bar.

"We heard this noise. It didn't sound like a gunshot. It sounded like a big thud against glass. Then our other customer came running in saying she's gotten shot. She laid down behind the bar. About two seconds after that, [another customer] came walking in and was standing there and when he put his arm down it started flowing down a lot of blood. I could see he'd been shot in his arm," she said.Witnesses told deputies two men came in to the business and started arguing with the bartender. They wanted to be served but she told them it was after last call. She said they accused her of not serving them because they are black and she said that wasn't true."You have the wrong person because I have two children who are of mixed race," she said in the incident report.Another witness, a black man, said he told the suspects that he had no problem getting service.Then, the report states a Hispanic man threw a punch at one of the two men but the fight was broken up before anything happened.That's when witness said the suspects left but came back with a shot gun. Taylor also said they changed out of their lighter clothing and in to black clothing in their car, before returning.

Taylor said she was shocked by the Sunday morning occurrences.

"Everybody here knows everybody. So there's never really been any incident where we had to worry about it because everyone's like one big family," she said.One suspect is described as being in his 20's, 5'08" tall, weighing 175 pounds. He was last seen wearing a white tank top but was wearing a blue and white shirt before the shooting.The second suspect is only described as a black man in his 20s wearing all black clothing. He's estimated at about 5'08", weighing 160 pounds.Police also released surveillance video of the scene and ask for your help in identifying the suspects. They say they are investigating the case as attempted murder.


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