Boiled peanut stands hit with rising prices

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) - A simmering bag of boiled peanuts has become a Lowcountry staple. But, a recent peanut shortage will cost local businesses that much more to satisfy your peanut craving.

Chris Bible is the owner of The Peanut Dude, a boiled peanut stand on Coleman Boulevard in Mount Pleasant. Bible will soon have to pay 25 percent more for his peanuts.

"This is one of those challenging moments for an entrepreneur. You know I have to make that decision of do I pass this added cost on to my customers who are my livelihood and potentially lose in terms of volume," said Bible. "Or do I try to become more efficient as a business owner? Where can I sort of make up for that 25 percent increase to be a more efficient entrepreneur and business owner?"

Peanut brokers say there are two reasons why peanuts are scarce this year. One reason: The drought. Hot and dry weather cause a poor crop of peanuts. Another reason: farmers say they just didn't plant enough peanuts to meet the country's demand.

This isn't the first time Bible has been hit by a jump in prices.

"What has affected us the greatest over the years is propane costs. You know, one way that we've sort of countered that is we keep our peanuts fresh and hot in coolers now, as opposed to burning propane fuel throughout the day."

For now, Bible says his peanuts won't go up in price. Instead, he'll foot the extra bill himself.

"Hopefully y'all appreciate that and come buy a lot more boiled peanuts."

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