Buy a bracelet to help 'Save Veronica'

Matt and Melanie Capobianco spoke with ABC News 4 in early January. A gag order has since been placed on the case, preventing the couple from commenting further. (File Photo)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- For just $5, you can help save Veronica Rose.

Bracelets, stamped with the words "Save Veronica," are just one way supporters are raising money for Matt and Melanie Capobianco.{} The James Island couple now has mounting legal bills, after their adoptive daughter was returned to her biological father 25 days ago.

Verbena Salon has joined in the fight to save the little girl. The Salon is selling the light purple bracelets at the counter. Owner, and mother of four, Wynne Speeks Sisk, says she worries about Veronica's well-being.

"I can't image psychologically, what's happening to her," Speeks Sisk said.{} "I'm a mother of four. They're{}4-years-old and under, and{}I can't imagine that transition, handing that baby over. What{}(Veronica) knows as her parents to a man she's never known before."

Speeks Sisk is referring to the transfer of custody earlier this month. The Capobiancos had to give Veronica to her biological father, who traveled from Oklahoma to claim the little girl.{} Her biological father claims he didn't know the girl's biological mother was putting her up for adoption when he signed away his parental rights.

Using the Indian Child Welfare Act, Veronica's biological father has reclaimed his little girl, as he is part Cherokee Indian.

Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away from the place Veronica called home, thousands have signed a petition of support for the brown eyed, curly hair girl, hoping for her return to James Island.

To help raise money for the Capobianco's mounting legal bills, "An Evening for Veronica" is planned for Saturday.{} From 4-6 p.m., live music, food, drinks and a silent auction will be available at the Local Market and Coffee Bar on Ashley River Road.{} From 7-8pm, a candlelight service will take place at Colonial Lakes, in downtown Charleston.{} Donations are encouraged.

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