Christian motorcycle group rides into Holy City


CHARLESTON, S. C. (WCIV) -- Bikers revved up their engines at the National Convention of the Sons of God Motorcycle Club.

The event held at Trinity Episcopal Church runs through the weekend and is expected to host over 300 bikers and hundreds of Harleys. The national group gets together twice a year for conventions, and they have members stretching from the East to West Coast.

"The Sons of God group was formed with a vision in 1981 to go out to the segment of the world where society isn't welcome," said member Larry DePriest. "The guys that come into the Sons of God come from that society. They found the better way and have gone back to the world they are called to go back to, that world and give a message that we didn't have back then."

Group members say they are born-again Christians with a goal of helping outlaw bikers who are lost.

"Our ministry is to the outlaw biker the hard-core biker," said DePriest. "A lot of people don't ministry to outlaw bikers. That's where we come in. A lot of us were outlaw bikers."

"That's the vision of the Sons of God, to go back into the hardcore biking community and build a bridge."

The Christian motorcycle group will receive a blessing from the Church on Saturday.

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