City crews hurry to fix hole at Bridge Run finish line

    Emily Landeen (WCIV)

    By Stacy

    CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- It's deep enough for a disappearing act: a hole that city officials said was 10 feet wide and seven feet deep.

    "What we have out there is a failure in the brick arch system. The brick arch is a storm drain system installed 150 years ago," Charleston's senior engineering project manager Steve Kirk said.

    A man who worked near the hole on Meeting Street said he remembered when it formed.

    "It's definitely been more than a month. Cops blocked traffic off. They put a steel plate over it. Obviously a temporary fix. I've been wondering for a while what they were going to do about it," J Honea said.

    "There was a plate on top placed there by SCDOT," Kirk said.

    City officials said the state Department of Transportation told them about the hole last Friday. Work started Monday, they said.

    But while the construction caused minor inconveniences Wednesday, could it cause a major detour on Saturday?

    "I think if they get it cleared up by Saturday it'd be a good thing but by the look of it right now, it doesn't look like it's going to happen," Bridge Run participant Courtney Lullman said.

    But city officials didn't want the construction to be a distraction.

    "It will be safe for runners by Saturday," Kirk promised.

    Cooper River Bridge Run director Julian Smith echoed that promise. The hole would be all fixed before the race and was "not a big deal," he said.

    They were confident the route dotted by orange cones will soon be dotted by 40,000 people making their way to the finish line.

    ABC News 4 asked an SCDOT representative to confirm when the hole formed, but the spokesman said he could not provide that information as of publishing time.

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