City leaders: System failed to protect officer in shoot out

(Source: Scott Garrand/WCIV)

By Stacy

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Officials blamed lax state legislation for allowing Mark Blake, Jr. to be on the street. Police said he fled on foot and shot at Officer Cory Goldstein Saturday night.

"He should not have gotten out of jail and his bond should have been revoked and Cory Goldstein would not have been shot Saturday night," Charleston Mayor Joe Riley said at a news{}conference Thursday.

He described the gauze patch that covered Officer Goldstein's chest.

"A bruise{}[emanated] from around it, where his bulletproof vest had received the impact of this 40-calibur weapon's bullet. It was aimed directly at his heart," Riley said. "When they came on the scene, he was still standing erect, bleeding, with his gun aimed at this violent criminal, ready to take further action if was needed."

Riley said he spent Sunday in the hospital with Goldstein's friends and family.

Officials said the vest saved Officer Goldstein's life. But, they had another solution, which they said would've prevented all danger.{}

"In 2013, when [Mark Blake, Jr.] was arrested for heroin trafficking,{}three counts of distribution of narcotics and possession of cocaine, he should not have been out of jail. He should not have gotten out of jail and his bond should have been revoked," Chief Greg Mullen said.

Chief Mullen asked state lawmakers to follow through on proposed legislation that would make courts able to revoke bond if it's violated and put people in jail for longer periods of time. He cited House bill 3051 and Senate bill 19.

"It can be done if people in South Carolina have the will to do it," Mullen said. "Cory Goldstein, he stayed in the fight Saturday night. My commitment to him is to stay in the fight on changing the rules."

Riley said he sent an email to every member of the state legislature. He asked them to support the{}two bills. Officials{}said they have to get one of the bills passed in its respective chamber by May 1.

Officials said Blake{}is still in the hospital. SLED charged him with attempted murder Wednesday.

Mullen said Goldstein was operating "proactive patrol" at the time of the traffic stop. He did not know for which offense the officer stopped Blake.

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