CSO plays concert for local students

Young People's Concerts by Charleston Symphony Orchestra (Source: WCIV)

By Sonya

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. ( WCIV) - Wednesday was a musical day for some local students.

More than 2,000 kids from the Charleston area attended the Young People's Concerts at Charleston Southern University.

The Lightsey Chapel Auditorium was filled with music from the Charleston Symphony Orchestra Wednesday morning and the audience was filled with small, attentive ears.

"I loved that there was a lot of strings and I liked seeing all the instruments," said Cayla Nelson, a second grader who attended the concert.

It wasn't hard to keep the students engaged during the hour long concert as they played a variety of music from classical to more popular hits.

But it was about more than the music, it was about relating it to every day life. The theme of the program was Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

"I always think it's great if we can find a way to relate music and the concepts of music to the world around us and other things that we think about perhaps in our daily lives," said Kelly Corcoran, guest conductor. "I think it just makes you think about music in a new way."

And some of the students have to interpret the music through feeling. Rio Dong was just one of the hearing impaired students at the concert. He and his classmates felt the beat in their chairs.

"The chair, I can feel it rumble," said Rio Dong, a third grader who attended the concert.

Katherine Seman was one of the teachers in attendance, and she said that she was glad Rio and his classmates were able to enjoy the music too.

"Its kind of exhilarating for me just to be able to experience something like that with someone who we think maybe has a setback to be able to experience this kind of music but the fact that they can take their shoes off or they can hold a balloon and feel different vibrations," said Seman.

All those involved hope that the kids go home with a greater appreciation for music and who knows some of them may even decide to grow and be musicians.

One of the performers was local violinist Seth Gilliard, who grew up watching the CSO and is known for mixing all different genres of music together.

He remembers going to this concert growing up and hopes that these kids get the inspiration that he did.

"I know a lot of kids out here are probably just starting on an instrument and for me to see professionals doing it, making a career out of it at a young age. It inspires you, it gives you something, a goal to reach for and you hope that one day you can be on that stage doing the same thing," said Gilliard.

This is a major outreach event for the Charleston Symphony Orchestra. The organization is expected to reach out to approximately 18,000 students this year.

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