Drum Island gets first ever official cleanup

By Gregory Woods

CHARLESTON, S. C. (WCIV) --{}As the Cooper River Bridge Run looms, more than 50 volunteers spent Saturday cleaning Drum Island. It sits adjacent to the Ravenel Bridge, but to organizers of the cleanup, it's about more than beautification, it's about the eco-system.

"Debris in the ocean that washes up on shore is bad for the fish and shrimp that inhabit the area and can harm or even kill them," said Kimberly Bush, Board member of the local nonprofit Wounded Nature

The group organized the cleanup, .

Sea lovers like Rindy Ryan come from a family of recreational boaters. She says when the call went out to help cleanup Drum Island, she didn't think twice about lending a helping hand.

"It feels good to give back to what gives us so much," said Ryan.

The nonprofit says Drum Island has never had an official cleanup.

"There was an awful lot of food garbage here that's for sure," said Ryan.

"I found a message in a bottle," said Mark Olack who also volunteered.

"I found a ping pong ball," said Gary Finch, another volunteer. "now all I have to do is find a table and a paddle, and I'm sure I can because we are out here finding everything else."

Wounded Nature officials say contaminated waste off shore not only hurts the ecosystem, but seafood lovers as well.

"You have stuff that's not healthy for the fish to eat. That gets into our food system as well when we go to eat fish or shrimp at our dinner table," said Bush.

Bush says the cleanup on Drum Island is just one of five more to come around the Lowcountry. The next cleanup is scheduled to take place in June.

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