ECCO expanding food warehouse

ECCO expading food warehouse

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- Food donations can be slow this time of year, but East Cooper Community Outreach is expanding so they can stock up ahead of time to help get them through the summer months.

Rachel Vane is the Director of Volunteer Engagement at East Cooper Community Outreach, known as ECCO. This expansion has been her project.

"We had a great problem that we had so much back stock and so much food we didn't know what to do with it, so there was food stacked on top of food and it didn't make sense. So oftentimes you might be looking for carrots and not know where the carrots were," said Vane.

In the past, the narrow shelves in the warehouse were filled to the brim with all kinds of non-perishable foods. But that has all changed since demolition began last week.

"We helped take all the shelving out and then we helped crate up all the old food and what not on Friday and Monday we were all here working together clearing off the floor for the floor to be prepped for the shelving," said Nick Marsalko, a volunteer with South Carolina STRONG.

Marsalko is just one of the volunteers who have been helping with the project that will double the storage and therefore make the warehouse more organized.

"It's going to create a much more efficient way to sort the donations and the way we have set things up now," said Vane. "We have changed some things around. It's going to streamline the shopping process where you can just take your cart and shop down the aisle and end up at the scales where we weigh it prior to it being taken out to our clients."

The ten-day project has been successful thanks to the help of many in the community including numerous businesses and a generous donor.

"It's just been amazing all the people who have come together to make this happen," said Vane. "I can't say enough about it being a community effort and that is what it's all about. Neighbors helping neighbors, that is what we do and the community does that with us."

The food warehouse has been closed during the renovations, but will reopen on Monday June 9 at 10 a.m.

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