Family adopting special-needs girl from Eastern Europe

By Stacy

MONCKS CORNER, S.C. (WCIV) -- She's been kept in a crib most of her life in her orphanage in eastern Europe. Yet, Maia, 8,{}giggled while playing with her future adoptive parents Amy and Craig Moss.

"She laughs like it's the best thing in the world. It blows me away that she can laugh and much less, laugh that free," Amy Moss said.

Amy and Craig Moss recently returned from their first and only trip to visit Maia at her orphanage. Next,{}they can take her home. We can't show video or photos of her face for security concerns, but her giggle shows how she feels.

"It gives us great hope for when she comes home. If she's that happy in that situation, imagine what she's going to do when she gets here," Amy Moss said.

The year-long journey is almost over, but in a way, the challenge has just begun. Maia just turned 8, but developmentally is at the stage of a 1-year-old, they said.

"She cannot yet walk. Her legs are so weak, she couldn't support her weight even if she wanted to right now. She's not talking yet but we do believe she'll get there eventually," Amy Moss said.

Whether she will be able to communicate verbally or just through{}sign language, they don't know. They also don't know how their{}two biological children, Nathan and Alex,{}will react to their new sister. But they said like all kids, they will adjust.

They hope to bring Maia home in June.

We'll continue to follow Maia's arrival and adjustment to American life.

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