Food bank crew works around the clock to help community

CHARLESTON, S.C.(WCIV) - This year the Lowcountry Food Bank is on track to distribute 20million pounds of food to people in 10 coastal counties.

It may look like the holidayhustle and bustle at the food bank, but this is just the daily reality to fighthunger in the Lowcountry.

The 62,000-square-footwarehouse is always buzzing with activity.

"The one thing that surprisespeople when they come in and take a tour and see what we are doing here behindthe scene is that our building is as large as it is, there's as much food," saidAmy Kosar, the food resources manager for the food bank. "They commonly thinkthat it's enough and it's not."

About one million pounds offood is shelved at the Lowcountry Food bank at any given time. While food iswheeled onto the floor, deliveries stack up.

"A lot think of us as a foodpantry that's doing the direct client assistance, but what we are really doingis being the support for those organizations so they can provide food to peoplewho really have a need," Kosar said.

It takes a lot of man power totackle hunger, from volunteers who leave no box unturned to the staff who helpwith the day-to-day happenings.

"They really are the life bloodof our organization," she said. "We have food coming in from a variety ofplaces. We may have our trucks that leave in the morning and when they leave,they're going to visit as many as 20 retailers like our grocery stores and pickup food that's close-dated and bring it back to us."

All hands are on deck to makethe whole operation a success.

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